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Learn How To Make Your Old Bike As Good As New

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There are many times when you have an old bike that has sentimental value to you, but needs a few upgrades to make it fit your current riding needs. If you have a bike that has a great frame, you can transform it into a lean, mean riding machine with just a few simple tweaks. Use the following guide to learn how to make your old bike useable again.

Replace the Wheels

The first thing you need to do to get your bike into riding condition is to replace the tires. If you have not ridden the bike in years, there is a good chance that the tires have gone flat. if the tires have been flat for quite some time, there is also a good chance that rims have bent. Bent rims can be difficult to unbend and buying new tires from a bike shop is often the best option.

Replace the Seat

The traditional seats that come with bikes are often not the most comfortable option available. There are now seats available that have a very ergonomic design to allow you to ride comfortably for hours on end. You want to choose a seat that is large enough to fully support your bottom.

Replace the Handlebars

There are handlebars available that allow you to lean some of your weight on the bars while you ride. This is ideal for longer rides because it can be painful to sit upright the whole time you are conducting a long ride. Be sure that the handlebars are the right length for your forearm length. If the bars are too short or too long, you will not be comfortable when riding.

Paint the Frame

While you have the tires, seat, and handlebars off of the bike, you may want to consider repainting the frame. Simply tape newspaper around the pedals and chained area to protect them from the paint. Spray the frame with a primer spray paint and then use a bright bold color to paint the frame an hour later to let the primer dry. Let the paint dry for two to three hours before putting the seat, handlebars, and tires back on the bike.

Making these replacements to the bike will make it as good as new quickly and easily. At a bike shop like Tri-A-Bike Inc, the associate will be able to help you find the right tires, seat, and handlebars to fit your body perfectly. This will ensure you always have a comfortable ride.