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4 Things You Need To Have Before Shipping Pets Via Air Freight

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Are you going to be moving a long distance? One of the easiest ways to get your pets to your new home is via air freight. Though that might seem frightening, it's actually the fastest way for them to travel—provided that you do it correctly.

1. A Health Certificate

Your pet will need an appropriate health certificate. This certificate will not only state that they are healthy enough for travel but also the temperatures your pet is allowed to travel at. If the weather suddenly changes, you may find that your pet is on the no-fly list—so it's best to be safer and schedule your flights during a time when the weather is not significantly fluctuating. 

2. An Airline-Friendly Crate

Don't just assume that the pet carrier you have is airline safe. There are specific crates that are certified and approved for air travel. These are hard-bodied crates that have appropriate air flow and exterior bolts rather than snaps. The crate will be what protects your pet while traveling—with an inappropriate crate, your pet could get injured! The crate should also have an area to feed and water your pet.

3. A Pick-Up or Drop-Off Person

It's not likely that you'll be able to both drop off and pick up your pets unless you happen to be flying on the same flight (which is rare, given that only some flights will accept pets at all). So you'll usually need to find someone to either pick up or drop off your pets. Scheduling properly is very important; the airline will not let you drop off pets early, and pets may be uncomfortable or endangered if left in a crate for too long before being picked up.

4. An Air Freight Reservation

Air freight reservations are not handled the same way tickets are. Generally you need to call the airline directly with the exact weight and size of your pets. The airline will then give you a quote. This should always be done well in advance. Often, the airline will give you a few windows that you can fly your pets in. Changing an air freight reservation is usually much easier than changing an airline reservation and you pay when you drop the animals off rather than in advance.

Air freight is used to transport pets all the time. In fact, it's even used to transport larger animals like horses! But there are still some things you do need to consider to ensure that your pet arrives happy and healthy. An airline like Alaska Air Forwarding can give you more information regarding their specific requirements.