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Is A Limo The Best Choice For Prom?

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Prom is one of the last times your teenager gets to create memories with friends from high school. This occasion is one of those times that parents prefer to rent their teenagers a vehicle. Chartering limo services provides you with a driver and makes sure your child arrives to events on time. Here are three things to consider before making the decision to rent a vehicle.

Dependable Driver

It is common for high school students to have several events lined up for prom night. Some parents invite their children's friends over to take pictures. You have to drive from house to house.

Dinner is something else to consider. Some students like to have dinner before the prom or after attending the event. No matter the time, your child is going to need a ride to and from each location.

Many students host parties after the prom. There is a possibility that underage drinking can occur at the dance or at the after parties. A dependable driver keeps your child and their friends safe.

Party Bus vs Limo

It can be hard to make a decision when choosing between a limousine and a party bus. If you are renting a vehicle for prom, then a party bus may not be the best choice. A limousine makes a statement and is more stylish. A party bus creates a fun atmosphere and allows for jumping from seat to seat. This type of vehicle also tends to cost more. Do you really want a bunch of teenagers in a party bus on the night of prom? The main point is to make sure your child creates good memories and arrives home safe.


The five factors that determine cost are hourly rental rate, time of year, company's procedures and policies, day of the week, and type and size of vehicle. Prom season is one of the busiest times for limo companies. Limo companies usually charge higher rates to rent limousines for prom.

The number of passengers and the size of the limousine determines your hourly rate. According to Limo Stand, here are the hourly rental estimates based on nationwide averages:

  • Six-Passenger Limousines are $30 to $65 an hour.
  • Eight-Passenger Limousines are $50 to $85 an hour.
  • Ten-Passenger Limousines are $60 to $100 an hour.
  • Twelve-Passenger Limousines are $85 to $120 an hour
  • Fourteen-Passenger Limousines are $95 to $150 an hour.
  • Stretch Hummers are $125 to $300 an hour.  
  • Stretch SUVs are $125 to 4200 an hour.

You have to pay gratuity, which is around 20 percent of the limousine rental. Some rental companies also require that you rent the vehicle a minimum of three hours. It helps to book your vehicle in advance to make sure it is available on prom night.

Renting a limousine prevents parents from having to chauffeur around their children and their friends. Most teenagers do not want their parents driving them around on prom night. Renting a limo gives parents the night off while providing their children with a reliable driver. Contact a company like Pittsburgh Limo Service Extreme for more information.