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Learn How To Make The Most Money You Can When Bidding On Your First Hauling Job

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If you have recently gotten a CDL, there are many great job opportunities available to you. Companies often list large items that they need to have moved from one place to another and allow drivers to place bids on the move. It is important to take the time to think long and hard about what it will take to accomplish the move before placing your bid though. The following guide will walk you through the things to take into consideration when trying to determine the proper bid to make for your next haul.

Consider the Size

When businesses list loads that they need to have delivered, they will list the size of the load. This will include the height, width, and weight of the load. Depending on the truck you drive, you may need to rent a trailer or flatbed truck in order to haul the load. You need to be sure to take the cost of the rental into consideration before placing your bid to ensure that you are able to make a profit when you are done.

Consider the Gas

Gas can be quite expensive, especially depending on the gas mileage that your truck gets. When determining the cost that you will be paying for your gas, don't forget to include the distance you will have to travel to pick up the load. You do not want to travel to the destination for free because you did not include that travel cost into your bid. Take the cost of gas per gallon at the local gas station and multiply it by the total number of miles that you will have to travel in order to determine what your gas costs will be for the trip.

Consider the Supplies

When you pick up certain loads, you will need to have certain supplies in order to ensure that the load arrives safely. The cost to build a crate, buy ratchet straps, or even purchasing chains will all need to be included in the amount you bid. The business will not anticipate paying for any other costs on top of the bid that you place. If you do not take these costs into consideration, they will have to come out of the profit that you would have been making from the delivery.

Delivering items from one place to another can be quite lucrative, if you take the time to consider the true costs for an owner operator trucking job. Place competitive bids, but be sure that you can still make a profit when things are all said and done.