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Sophisticated Transportation: Tips For First-Time Limo Riders

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What scene do you imagine when you think of "limo service"? Sounds luxurious, and sounds like a party—but assumptions can cost you. Your time in a limousine should be one of sophistication rather than spontaneity or silliness. Prepare, take precautions, and be polite to achieve a satisfactory experience:


Don't be surprised to find that limo service is more expensive than you think. Yes, your peers rented a prom limo back in high school, but that doesn't mean it was cheap. Consider how you are doing more than renting a car—included in the cost are the vehicle, the driver, the increased service, the atmosphere, the upkeep, etc.

You can't just book it the night before. This is especially the case if you are renting for a special occasion, such as prom, New Years, Mardi Gras, etc. If everyone else around you is renting, then options will be scant—come up with a list of several reliable companies so that you don't have to cancel your outing all together.

Take Precautions

Understand your responsibilities; understand that the limo is not meant for partying. Money will be taken out of your damage deposit if the limo is left in a bad state. While a small amount of trash may be unavoidable, disrespecting the space will have repercussions. Bigger issues like vomit, cigarette stains, and other spills will definitely cost you.

The same can be said of smells. For instance, if you smoke in a non-smoking vehicle, you may have to pay to replace the upholstery. If you are a smoker, you can specifically request a smoking limo.

Be Polite

The list of rules could be endless, as many things are common sense. The point is that limousine service is not synonymous with partying—go from there. For example, do not leap or dive into the vehicle, as this is disrespectful and out of sync with the sophisticated limo experience.

Bending over and crawling in head first is also not becoming. Work to enter bum first. Ladies should work to prevent flashing. Men should note that ladies are typically let in and out of the limousine first

Remember that your driver should be treated with respect. He or she is not a servant; he or she is doing a service. Don't subject your driver to something they shouldn't be.

  • If intimacy or an argument is inevitable, ask the driver to roll up the divider.
  • Do not verbally abuse your driver. This goes beyond using foul language; take care to use language that is uplifting rather than demeaning.

This could be an unforgettably wonderful experience. Enjoy your night of class!