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Frequent Questions Concerning Renting A Charter Bus For A Group Day Trip

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If you are planning to take a day trip with a group of friends or family members, it is economically intelligent to charter a bus instead of having everyone drive individually. Furthermore, you get the chance to socialize within the entire group as you travel and experience the trip as one unit, which can be a lot more fun. If you have never chartered a bus before, there is no doubt that you have a few questions about the process. Here are a few of the most common questions about renting a charter bus for a day trip.

Do you have to pay a deposit when you charter a bus?

According to BusRates.com, at least 87 percent of charter bus companies do charge a deposit when you initially book the transportation. The remainder of the deposit will be due either upon arrival to board the bus or a few days before. In addition, you may be charged a refundable deposit that will cover any additional expenses that may come up during the trip, such as unexpected tolls or parking fees. When the trip is over, you will be reimbursed for the money that was not used.

What are some regulations associated with being a passenger on a charter bus?

When you are a passenger on a charter bus there are a few regulations that you and your guests will have to abide by while on board. The rules that are in place are meant to keep both the driver and all of the passengers safe and comfortable during the trip. Some of the rules that you should expect include:

  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages permitted on the bus
  • All passengers must remain seated during operation
  • All personal belongings must remain with you when you exit the bus

How is the overall cost of the chartered bus determined?

When you make arrangements for a chartered bus, it will be helpful if you understand where the overall cost comes from. You will typically be charged a rate per day, additional costs for mileage, a fuel surcharge, and sales tax. In addition, if the trip is a long one, you may be charged for changing drivers or the cost associated with an overnight hotel stay for the driver.

The next time you are in the planning stages of a trip with a group of people you know, make sure you take some time to consider how many benefits a charter bus could provide. Talk to a charter bus company like Fisher Bus Inc. in advance and ask about any questions you have.