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How Free Driver's License Practice Tests Vary Across The Country

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You may have spent hours and hours in the driver's education classroom at school, but it may not prepare you for the actual driver's permit test. This written portion of the driving exams required by every state can flunk you faster than a police officer in a high speed chase. Most teens, even if they have studied their state's driving manual forwards and backwards, may be quite surprised to learn that they have flunked the written test. To help you avoid becoming a driver's test statistic, your state (regardless of where you live) has a driver's license practice test available to you online. There are many variations across the country to accommodate you.

DMV Practice Tests That Are Split up Into Sections

Some states, like Tennessee, split their DMV practice tests up into four main sections: road signs, laws, procedures and alcohol. Although the alcohol test does not really apply to minors, you will still have to answer questions about this section because you will be expected to know the laws when you are old enough to drink. Unlike Tennessee's practice test model, states like Florida reroute you to other sites for free practice tests, which could include several different tests or only two tests on signs and road rules. Regardless of how the practice test in your state appears, be sure to take it several times because the software is programmed to give multiple randomized questions from the same section or from all sections. No two practice test sessions are exactly alike, and all of them can help you ace the test.

DMV Practice Tests in Other Languages

If English is not your first language, that is not a problem either. California's DMV practice tests are numerous, and they accommodate for people who speak Spanish or American Sign Language. The latter is conducted, of course, not on paper, but on computer with ASL subtitles or live, with a signing translator asking the questions and the test taker signing the answers. In Wisconsin, where there is a large concentration of Hmong, students can take the practice test in their native language, even if they already speak English as a second language at school.

Slightly Different Laws from State to State

There are some signs on a driver permit practice test that may be unfamiliar to you, such as a leaping deer. There may also be some questions where there are two possible answers, but one answer applies to the neighboring state while the other applies to the state in which you reside. Because there are slight differences in the test questions and answers from state to state, it is important that you practice only your own state's driving test until after you have passed. Then you can visit the DMV practice test sites for fun and see how the laws differ from your state.