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How to Decorate the Interior of a Rented Party Bus

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If you want to rent a party bus to celebrate a special event, such as a bachelorette or birthday party, you can give the bus a personalized look with festive, colorful decorations. If the soiree has a theme, use it as a starting point when choosing the decor. After you've gotten the rental company's approval, start decorating the bus to create a celebration on wheels.

Here are some ideas for decorating a party bus:

1. Balloons

One simple yet celebratory way of decorating a bus is with balloons. For a bachelorette party, choose balloon colors that coordinate with the wedding colors. For a birthday party, choose balloon colors that reflect the honoree's favorite hues. If you aren't sure of what balloon colors to choose, you can't go wrong with silver or gold, which will add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the bus.

Tie long, curly ribbons onto the balloons and let them float along the center of the bus. As another option, you can tape them to the interior walls of the bus. Always get permission from the bus rental company prior to using tape inside the vehicle.

2. Banners 

Another easy way to give the party bus a festive look is by using signs and banners. Some wording ideas include "congratulations," "happy birthday," "cheers," and "future Mrs.," followed by the bride-to-be's new last name. Have the banners custom-designed to reflect the celebrant's name as a personalized touch.

Hang one banner along each wall so that guests sitting on both sides of the bus can view one.

3. Lighting 

Nothing will set the mood of the party as fast as lighting. You can pick the lighting color to match the celebration's theme or the honoree's preferred hues. Ask the bus rental company if they can customize the lighting color before you pick the vehicle up.

If you're not able to customize the bus lighting, consider hanging string lights across the ceiling or along the walls instead. If you don't know what color to use, go with clear mini lights, which will give the entire bus a warm, welcoming glow.

4. Party Favors 

As another option, make your guests' party favors work double-duty as bus decor. For instance, fill colorful bags with treats such as chocolates and candies and place them across the seats prior to the party.

You can also set themed, unlit candles around the space, such as on any tables, and instruct the guests to take them home with them at the end of the celebration. 

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